PTAB instituted two IPR petitions and denied two IPR petitions filed by Cardiocom

January 16, 2014-In July 2013, Cardiocom, LLC filed four petitions to institute inter partes review of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,587,469, 7,769,605, 7,840,420 and 7,870,249 owned by Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. The ’469 patent is directed to a networked system for remotely monitoring individuals and for communicating information to the individuals through the use of script programs. The ’605 and ’420 patents are directed to a system for monitoring a group of patients with a chronic disease or ongoing health condition. The ’249 patent describes a system and method for collecting data relating to the health status of patients and communicating information to patients. The petition to review the ’469 and ‘420 Patents was instituted and the petition to review the ‘605 and ‘249 patents was denied by Patent Administrative Patent Judges Stephen C. Siu, Justin T. Arbes, and Miriam L. Quinn of the PTAB.

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