Court issues final consent judgment and order to terminate X-Ray Imaging Innovations’ patent infringement litigation

January 5, 2015 – United States Magistrate Judge Staci G. Cornelius issued a Final Consent Judgment and Order to terminate a patent infringement litigation brought by Plaintiffs X-Ray Imaging Innovations, LLC, Dr. Gary T. Barnes, and Dr. David M. Gauntt against Defendant Carestream Health, Inc. The patents at issue are U.S. Patent No. 7,581,884, entitled Mobile radiography system and grid alignment process and U.S. Patent No. 7,798,710, entitled Mobile radiography system and grid alignment. This case was pending in the Northern District of Alabama and captioned X-Ray Imaging Innovations LLC, et al. v. Carestream Health, Inc., 2:13-cv-00604 (SGC).

By: Margaret A. Scoolidge

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