ThermoTeck sues Maldonado Medical for breach of contract and patent misuse

February 9, 2015 –  ThermoTek, Inc. file a Declaratory Judgment complaint against Maldonado Medical LLC, GBCS, Inc., and American Surgical Development, LLC, and Gregory Brian Maxon Maldonado a/k/a Gregory Maxon, individually (“Maldonado”) in the Northern District of Texas for breaching their exclusive distribution contract and fraudulently obtaining and seeking to enforce their patent on ThermoTek’s VascuTherm system, an FDA-approved Class II Medical Device, which is an electronic heating, cooling and compression system used in conjunction with specially designed therapy wraps to transfer pressure, heat and cold to various parts of the body during medically-necessary thermal, compression, contrast therapy and DVT prophylaxis. ThermoTek’s specially designed wraps prevent hot or cold fluid from directly contacting the skin.  The case is ThermoTek, Inc v. Maldonado Medical LLC et al, 3-15-cv-00428 (TXND), regarding U.S. Patent No. 8,485,995, entitled “System and method for thermal compression therapy.”

By:  Scott A. McMurry

US 8,485,995

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