Surgibit and Orthopedic Innovation awarded damages for infringed drill bit patents

February 11, 2015 – Surgibit IP Holdings Pty. and Orthopedic Innovation Pty. were awarded just over $1 million against Liam Patrick Ellis and Cingular Pty. for infringing patents related to orthopedic drill bits.  The patents-at-issue were U.S. Patent Nos. 7,892,235, 8,172,845 and 8,475,459.  The case was captioned Surgibit IP Holdings Pty., Ltd. and Orthopedic Innovation Pty., Ltd. v. Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, LLC and Liam Patrick Ellis and Cingular Pty., Ltd in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, 1:13-cv-8839.

By:  Christopher J. Stankus

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