Ethicon Endo-Surgery argues to revive patent suit against Covidien

March 9, 2015 – Ethicon Endo-Surgery argued to a Federal Circuit panel that its patent infringement suit against Covidien should be revived.  Ethicon argued that its U.S. Patent Number 5,989,275 related to ultra-sonic surgical shears is enforceable and is not indefinite because the patent has specified limits.  Ethicon also argued that the district court too narrowly construed its U.S. Patent Number 8,182,501 related to damping ultrasonic transmissions and is infringed by Covidien’s SonicisionTM Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Device.  The case is captioned Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. v. Covidien, Inc., 14-1370.

By:  Christopher J. Stankus