Defendants in Catheter Case Request Stay of $20 Million Judgment Pending Appeal

October 16, 2015 – On October 14, 2015, Defendants TriReme Medical, LLC (“TriReme”), Quattro Vascular PTE Ltd (“Quattro”) and QT Vascular LTD. (“QT”) filed a Motion to Stay Enforcement of Judgment requesting a Northern District of California district court to stay a $20 million dollar judgment pending appeal in a case over Plaintiff AngioScore Inc.’s (“AngioScore”) heart catheter design.  In April, following a bench trial, the district court found TriReme liable for aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty by Elitan Konstantino, an AngioScore board member.  AngioScore claimed the Mr. Konstantino breached his fiduciary duty to AngioScore by developing a competing catheter design for TriReme without offering rights to AngioScore.

In their Motion, Defendants requested a stay of the judgment and requested the court to forego a supersedeas bond pending appeal.

By: Ketan V. Patel

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