Implus Footcares, LLC Files Four Patent Infringement Complaints Against Multiple Defendants Over Massage Roller Technology

October 19, 2015 – Implus Footcares, LLC. filed four complaints for patent infringement against ApexShape, Brooklyn Body, Inc., Fantabulous World Products, Atmsaz, LLC, J/M Innovations, Ludwig Enterprise, LLC, SportingDoc and Vandue Corporation (collectively “Defendants”) on October 16, 2015 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.  The lawsuits relate to the Defendants’ alleged infringement of Implus’s United States Patent No. 9,005,146, which covers a multi-density hollow core massage roller used to treat muscle or connective tissue conditions and which can be used as a core workout or strengthening apparatus.

By: Giancarlo L. Scaccia

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