Institution of Inter Partes Review by US Endodontics, LLC Denied for Titanium Dental and Medical Device Patent

October 29, 2015—On October 26, 2015, the PTAB denied petitioners’, Bobby Bennett; Charles Goodis; Edge Endo, LLC; Guidance Endodontics, LLC; and US Endodontic, LLC (collectively, “Petitioners”), request for an IPR of U.S. Patent No. 8,727,773, owned by Dentsply International Inc., Gold Standard Instruments, LLC, and Tulsa Dental Product LLC (collectively, “Patent owners”). The ‘773 Patent is directed to titanium dental and medical devices. The PTAB denied the most recent petition of inter parties review, IPR2015-01476 (filed June 25, 2015), noting that the previously instituted IPR, IPR2015-000632 (filed January 30, 2015), involved the same patent, parties, and claims. The PTAB also concluded that the Petitioners’ additional unpatentability grounds were not distinctive from the prior art, and constituted an improper method of responding to the Patent Owners’ Preliminary Response. The proceeding is captioned US Endodontics, LLC v. Gold Standard Instruments, LLC, No. IPR2015-01476, (P.T.A.B. Oct. 26, 2015).

By: H. Rachael Million-Perez

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