Court Denies TriReme Attorneys’ Fees After Successful Defense on Heart Catheter Patent

On December 9, 2015 a Northern District of California District Court denied defendant TriReme Medical, Inc.’s (“TriReme”) Motion for Attorney Fees.  The motion followed a September jury trial finding that TriReme did not infringe U.S. Patent No. 7,691,119 (“the ’119 Patent”) issued to plaintiff AngioScore, Inc.   The ’119 patent is directed to a balloon stent.

Although the jury found that TriReme did not infringe the ’119 patent, the court found that AngioScore’s case “wasn’t exceptionally weak” nor was it filed to disrupt TriReme’s business.  The court additionally determined that AngioScore’s litigation tactics weren’t unreasonable.

The case is docketed as Case No. 12-cv-03393-YGR in the Northern District of California.

By: Ketan V. Patel

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