Court Denies Motion to File Amended Answer and Exhibits Under Seal

January 13, 2015 – The Southern District of Florida denied Impeto Medical’s motion to file its Amended Answer and exhibits under seal.  The Court reasoned that Impeto’s request to seal was overly broad because “Impeto has failed to identify which portions of its [Amended Answer] and exhibits are sensitive enough to require sealing, and which, i.e., the background section and legal discussion, potentially may be made available to the public.”

The patents-at-issue are U.S. Patent Nos. 8,655,443, 8,918,170, and 8,934,954 in which an electrophysiological analysis system.  The case is captioned LD Technology LLC v. Impeto Medical SAS, et al., 15-cv-20109.

By:  Christopher J. Stankus

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