Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment Denied in glucose testing case

March 8, 2016­—Plaintiff LifeScan Scotland, Ltd. alleged the infringement of its patentsby Defendants Shasta Technologies, LLC; Instacare Corp.; Pharmatech Solutions, Inc.; Conductive Technologies, Inc.; and Decision Diagnostics Corp. The patents-at-issue relate to disposable glucose testing strips, measuring devices and related methods: U.S. Patent Nos. 5,708,247; 6,241,862; 7,250,105. The court denied Defendants’ motion for summary judgment because there are disputes about obviousness (including combination of prior art and secondary considerations) and indefiniteness. The case is pending in the California Northern District (San Francisco) and is captioned LifeScan Scotland, Ltd. v. Shasta Technologies, LLC, et al., 3-11-cv-04494.

By Una Fan