Petition for Inter Partes Review Filed by Fitbit, Inc. against Valencell, Inc.

On June 12, 2017, Fitbit, Inc. filed four Inter Partes Review Petitions on June 9, 2017, challenging Valencell, Inc. on its claims of the following U.S. Patents: No. 8,929,965, entitled “Light-Guiding Devices And Monitoring Devices Incorporating Same”; No. 8,989,830 and No. 8,886,269, both entitled “Wearable Light-Guiding Bands For Physiological Monitoring”; and No. 8,923,941, entitled “Methods And Apparatus For Generating Data Output Containing Physiological And Motion-Related Information.” The cases are assigned, respectively, IPR2017-01552; IPR2017-01553; IPR2017-01554; and IPR2017-______.

By: Monica Chou