District Court Denies Claims of Infringement by Inventor James Neev Against Alcon Laboratories, Inc. et al

July 5, 2017-Judge Selna, in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, found Patent no. 6482199, which covers an ablation tool listed as a “method and apparatus for high precision variable rate material, removal and modification” invalid and not infringed by Defendants Alcon Laboratories, Inc. et al. Judge Selna further found both Patent no. 5720894, which covers an “ultrashort pulse high repetition rate laser system for biological tissue processing” and Patent no. 8523926, which covers a tool for radiation therapy purposes listed as a “device [which] comprises an energy source capable of generating short bursts of energy at a variable pulse repetition rates” not infringed. The case no. is SACV 15-00336 JVS(JCGx).

By: Namita Dhawan