PTAB Institutes IPR on SurgiQuest, Inc.’s Surgical Technology

July 13, 2017 –– Patent Trial and Appeal Board Administrative Patent Judge Terrence McMillin issued a decision on July 10, granting a request by Lexion Medical, LLC for inter partes review of SurgiQuest, Inc.’s U.S. Patent No. 9,095,372, entitled “System and Method for Improved Gas Recirculation in Surgical Trocars with Pneumatic Sealing” in Case IPR2017-00518.  The ’372 patent “relates to systems and devices for surgical access, and is particularly directed [to] devices adapted and configured to create a fluidic seal, and to systems for supplying pressurized fluid to such devices, which are also capable of recirculating such pressurized fluid.”

By:  Madhundra Sivakumar